Top 10 Business Idea To Start For Under $2000 in 2019

Top 10 Business Idea To Start For Under $2000 in 2019

Have you been thinking about a business idea to start in 2019 for as low as $2000 and be successful with it? According to research, the times of economic crisis and financial meltdown are the best time to start a business as every country are facing an economic crisis and financial problem.

The good news is that you don’t need a huge amount of capital to start a successful small business wherever you’re. With this great business idea to start and a good execution strategy, you are on your way to a successful business venture.

You already know that you want to start something for yourself. You just need to funnel your ambition and time into a business idea that will earn you extra cash, make you proud, and possibly lead to a full-time venture because I know you won’t like to depend on anybody either on any of your family or government—and that amazing moment you get to say that “I quit!” to your boss.

The cost of starting a business in this era of the internet and social media technology has highly reduced. In this great post, here are a few top-notched business idea to start with at least $2000 and be among the successful businessman/woman.

Sometimes, you may be asking yourself these following questions:

How do I invest $2,000?

What are the best ways to earn more money with just $2000?

What profitable business will I do with $2,000?

Businesses that can be started with 50000 dollars?

The business idea to start with 2,000 dollars in Nigeria?

The business idea to start under 1000 dollars

Businesses to start with 1k 

The cheapest business idea to start

Business opportunities under 5k

The best business idea to start with $2000

The cheapest business idea to start from home

With $2000, what business idea to start?

Note: If you think the article will show you ways to get rich quick, I will advise you to close this page because this article is definitely not for you.

But, If you want to build a reputable business that will last then you can keep reading this article.

Why did I say that?

Business and investment is a gradual process. It’s like growing a plant, it takes some time to reach the desired goal. Why it’s so?

  • If you’re new to a business, it definitely has to go through a learning process

In every business whether small or big, you will have to learn daily. For new businesses, their learning process can be tedious. You’ll need to unlearn to learn.

  • Sometimes, you may face a temporary setback

Setbacks will come no matter how much you try to avoid them. but use it as a stepping stone.

  • It takes time to build the customers you need.

You can’t gain thousands of customers in a day but you build your customers with time.

Top 10 Business Idea To Start For As Low As $2000 in 2019


Starting a decorating service is the perfect business enterprise for the person that has artistic abilities and creative flair. Generally, certification from a recognized institution in the field of interior decoration and design is required.

However, the service can be launched without the certificate, but it will be much better received by potential clients as a professional service with proper accreditation. Not required is a lot of startup investment as you can definitely start with at least $2000, as equipment purchases are minimal and the business can be operated from a home-based or shared office location. Most interior decorators prefer to specialize in providing either a commercial or residential decorating service.


Website flipping is another Hot in Demand Business idea to make money. This idea has made some people rich. Website flipping means buying and selling websites, domain, and apps. You can buy web real estate at a low price and then flip it for up to 100 times the original price. This is like any real estate. You are required to work on the website to increase the value by generating more traffic and (most importantly) profit from the website. Many Internet entrepreneurs have built profitable websites from scratch with the aim to sell for profit. You can visit to see what I’m talking about.

website flipping
website flipping


Actually, eBay started as an online auction website, where the buyer with the highest bid wins the bid item, it is much more than that now. It is a true marketplace where sellers can list items at a fixed price and even open their own “store” such as or

In short, the way it works is that a seller lists an item, add photos and a description and insert a price and shipping options. Then, when buyers find it, they can bid for it or simply click on “Buy Now.” When a deal has been made, buyers make payment via any of the different payment options available on eBay website, and the seller ships it.

You can get started by clicking on eBay Seller Now.

Ebay seller
eBay seller

4. Starting a Blog Business

Some of you will be thinking blogging is no longer a viable source of income, right? Think again. Tens of thousands of bloggers are creating content on topics like cooking, fashion, traveling, news, gossiping, film, and lifestyle. Starting a blog/vlog with a particular niche and focus on a particular set of individuals is a great business idea with awesome potentials.

Your first step is to shape your writing abilities and make sure you understand what your audience craves for. Also, learning how to write a blog post that drives traffic and brings you readers on a regular basis is a skill you must acquire. You can get started by using Blogger which is free or start with WordPress.

starting a blog business
starting a blog business


Do you consider yourself skilled? Setting up yourself as a freelance content developer can make it a side-hustle for you or maybe even a full-time job. It actually depends on how much time you give it.

Many companies and individuals need a creative writer to help them for their media agencies, blogs, startups, etc. and they will pay big time for someone who can write a clean copy of content, whether it’s for advertisements, sales copy, websites or blogs. While some will also pay you for your editing/rewriting services. However, consider how much and time you will work to become a full-time freelancer. You can get started by using and or 

freelance content developer
freelance content developer

6. Social Media Marketing / Influencer Marketing

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter  – Social Media is the Next Big Thing as every business need to advertise their business by using Social Media to create awareness and generate massive sales. These are platforms where Millions of businesses are making a load of cash just by sharing engaging contents and building loyal followers list. This is a great business idea to start. You really need to venture into it if you want to build an amazing business that will boost faster.

You don’t have any idea? This website will really help you to get started and you will be a professional within 2 months or less, depending on how fast you can grab. Visit Udemy to learn everything about social media marketing and influencer marketing. Before you read about the next idea, social media and influencer marketing is a great business idea to start.

influencer marketing
influencer marketing


Online researcher as a business idea to start is a profitable work from home job that gives you the flexibility to work on/at your own scheduled time. You will gather information for a company or an individual looking through websites and online databases. However, there are many different places you can search for information such as Google, website blogs, Wikipedia, newsletters, and many other outlets online.

There are many companies and individuals, particularly professionals that are searching to hire a researcher who can help them to find information online about some various topics. Why is this a great business idea to start? Many companies have their own online researchers while others seek out every day to find people to gather the information for them.

online researcher
online researcher


Although many people don’t like cleaning business, then, most people don’t get paid to scrub toilets and wash windows. The commercial cleaning business has always been a great business idea to start. It is definitely a lucrative, flexible, and builds a business quickly, making it a great home business choice. All you need is to Obtain insurance and surety bonding (if needed). Decide on your target market and anything that can make you stand out apart from other commercial cleaning businesses. Do you want to focus on a specific target group (such as real estate offices, Banks) or maybe a specific section of your town? Things that can make you stand out may include green cleaning (make use of non-toxic products), price, and level of service.

commercial cleaning
commercial cleaning


Another business idea to start is pet photography which is a fun and profitable niche business that allows you to combine the love for animals and technical skill into photography. According to the 2011–2012 survey by the American (USA) Pet Products Association, pets are important parts of 79.2 million U.S. households (62% of all households). A growing number of pet owners are interested in displaying professional photos of their pets, and they are willing to pay for premium high-quality images.

Good photography equipment is expensive and there are many tools you will need to purchase but I’m very sure you can get started with $2000. You will need several digital cameras, as it is important to always have backup cameras during a session. you will need a Tripods, reflectors, and a variety of lenses and flashes should also be a part of your inventory. You can learn to be a professional photographer from YouTube as a beginner.

pet photography
pet photography


This is yet another business idea to start. A mechanically inclined website with an interest in repair can earn a great income from repairing a bike right from the comfort of her home-based or workshop. In addition to big profit potential, there are many other advantages to operating a bike repair service, including low overhead, huge demand for the service in an ever-growing sport, and flexible full- or part-time hours job. Bike repair service as a business idea to start has been a great business idea and the key to marketing your services is to join bike clubs and organizations within your community and other places, largely because members can become customers and refer other bikes enthusiasts to your business. You can also work on a contract basis for bike retailers to handle their overflow work during the busy season. Likewise, advertising online in machinery forums or in your community newspaper and distributing fliers and postal detailing the services you provide can attract new customers to your business.

Bike Repair
Bike Repair


There is no more struggle with what business idea to start. Think about the business idea to start that are listed above and take a step today. Every business you see today started from somewhere, don’t wait until you have a huge amount of money before you start your own business.


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