5 Tricks You Should Know About Instagram Story Hacks

5 Tricks You Should Know About Instagram Story Hacks
5 Tricks You Should Know About Instagram Story Hacks
Hi guys, Welcome to websteric.com,  in this article we’re going discuss five Instagram story hacks trick. whatever word you want to use let’s just jump right in.

1. Rainbow Text

The first Instagram Story hacks I’m going to talk about is how to do rainbow or gradient text so go ahead and open up Instagram stories and take a photo of whatever you want and then you can type “hello this is a text” and you want to highlight the entire text so select all and then press and hold on one of the colors, so you bring up the rest of the colors you grab the right side of the text with your other thumb and at the same time you slide over so you’re basically moving the text select as you’re moving your other finger to select more colors at the same time it might be difficult to do at first but after a couple of tries you’ll get it.

2. Collage in Stories

This next Instagram Story hacks trick is something that I just learned and post it on my Instagram story so shout out if you saw it on at lilmusbibabanla on Instagram. so to do a
collage in stories on Instagram stories as in have multiple photos on the same frame here’s
How can you do this? take a photo of anything I personally like to do black backgrounds so kind of like cover your camera take a photo so the background is black then you go into your camera roll and select a photo you copy that photo so tap that little box tap copy and then you go back into Instagram and you’ll see this little kind of like pop up there and then you tap that pop up and boom you can place a photo right on your already taken photo.
Tap add any sticker also you can move it around do whatever you want and what’s nice is you could do it multiple times so you go to another picture in your camera roll copy it go back into Instagram you’ll see that little pop up there tap it add sticker and you can seemingly do as many as you want you can resize them.

3. Boomerang with a live Photo

how to do a boomerang in a way that you probably didn’t know as possible so traditionally in Instagram there’s the boomerang tool and then there’s also the boomerang app from the app store however if you take a lie photo on your iPhone and then you bring that live photo into Instagram stories and you press and hold on the screen it turns your live photo into a boomerang and I’m not sure where I mention this but I used to not use live photos all that much I didn’t really see a purpose for them but now I find myself taking live photos more because I can use them as boomerangs and Instagram.

4. Crap Before you Post

If you’ve noticed that your photos and definitely videos look kind of crappy on Instagram because of compression there’s a kind of trick that. I found that you can use for photos to make them ever so slightly sharper so what you want to do is go into your camera roll you want to crop the photo to 9 by 16 and what that does is it fills up the entire frame not allowing Instagram to take your let’s say 4 by 3 photo and then crop it in the backend it’ll take you our 9 16 photos fill it up and it seems to be sharper in Instagram stories versus taking a photo with your phone and then uploading it to Instagram and let Instagram do the cropping if you, crop to 916 prior it seems to be a little bit sharper.

5. Magic Eraser Photos

So the 5th and final sort of trick to Instagram Story hacks in this article is to do the magic or black magic eraser thing, remember when you were as a kid you got a black sheet of paper and then you would like to scratch into and have this rainbow in the background so go into Instagram stories take a photo and then tap on the drawing icon and then pick a
color that you want your background and then tap and hold on the screen and it’ll fill the entire screen with the background color of your choice and then you can take the eraser, then draw on that photo to sort of reveal what’s in the background their throwback to being a kid in middle school, ok that’s it.
I wanted to keep this post to super-short and to the 5 little tricks or Instagram Story hacks you could do in Instagram stories.
Hopefully, you learned something today on Instagram Story Hacks.


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